About Us

about chand begum

Chand Begum is a family owned firm specialising in works of Indian and Islamic art whose foundations were laid in 1865 by Mr. Shankar Das, who was a financier and money lender to the royal families of India. Currently managed and run by the fourth and fifth generations of the family, we deal in rare and exclusive jewellery and jewelled objects that come from the personal collections of princely and noble families, as well as renowned private collectors.

Over the years, Chand Begum has built a name and reputation for itself that are synonymous with the finest and most exquisite pieces of jewellery. Known to our clients for the highest standards of quality and authenticity, our treasures can be found in museums, national institutions and important private collections across the globe. We are leading specialists in jades and jewellery from the Mughal period. Ranging from elegant turban ornaments set with carved Mughal emeralds that would have once been the pride of the turbans of Maharajas, to rare Basra pearls that come from the personal treasuries of prince and princesses, Chand Begum has something for everyone with a discerning eye.

We are located just minutes away from the beautiful, historic ruins of Hauz Khas, in Delhi and are available by appointment for consultation and private viewings. We represent our clients with complete objectivity, while maintaining absolute confidentiality.