A hinged, antique gold bangle set with diamonds comes with an exquisite pattern of royalty and elegance. This classic piece of Mughal jewellery will add grace and style to your collection. Explore the traditional antique bangles from our collection of royal jewellery and enhance your ensemble. Our beautiful antique bangle will form a personal connection with you with its intrinsic detailing and styling. Our vintage jewellery is definitely a treasure to be cherished for generations.

Antique Bangles Collection by Chand Begum

Bangles form an important jewellery accessory and are a staple in Indian jewellery scenes. Most Indian looks are incomplete without bangles. But what makes them so special or unique or resulted in their impeccable rise amongst women. They carry a prominent historical significance, and ruins from Mohenjo-Daro’s excavations show that they existed in those times as well, made of copper, shell and terracotta. As per studies, it is believed that use of bangles helps increase blood circulation.

Chand Begum is an exemplary jewellery boutique store in Delhi that houses an exquisite collection of antique Indian bangles for women. Our traditional bangle set is a classic piece from Mughal jewellery and adds grace and style to your collection. These antique jewellery bangles will play a significant role in styling your appearance and speaks volume about the age-old craftsmanship and design patterns of the Mughal era.

Traditional Antique Bangles Designs for Women

Chand Begum is a leading jewellery outlet that offers antique gold jewellery bangles for ladies with the aim of making the wearer stand out from the crowd. Our pieces reflect undaunting yet feminine sentiments with utmost royalty and elegance. Antique jewellery bangles are a graceful and striking ornament that pairs well with various cultures across the globe and imparts a classic royal look to an individual. You must look out for our Polki bangles design, the beautiful detailing and precise designs of each piece are authentically mesmerizing and unmatched. They are all about beauty, elegance and glamour.

The styles of bangles are plenty and include different patterns and designs like antique Temple jewellery bangles, Kundan bangles, Ruby bangles, Polki bangles, etc. These Indian antique gold bangles are exquisite pieces of jewellery and speak about the quaint craftsmanship of the Mughal artistry. The delicate Indian antique gold bangles design is mesmerising and unmatched in today’s time. Chand Begum’s antique gold jewellery offer the highest standards of quality and authenticity in them.

Antique Jewellery Bangles for All Occasions

The best part of Chand Begum’s classic traditional bangle set is, it is a perfect fit for every traditional as well as modern setup. It goes with all types of occasions and suit the wearer in every ensemble, be it a traditional saree or contemporary casual suit. The exclusive collection of antique bangle jewellery at Chand Begum is exclusive and unique. Our pieces of bangles are a great choice for traditional bangles for weddings. The old yet rustic and beautiful finish of these bangles makes them a must-have in your classic jewellery collection. Visit us now for our bridal antique gold bangles.

Frequently asked Questions

Vintage and antique bangles comprise certain unique features that distinguish them from rest of the modern pieces.
  • It is curated between 50 and 100 years ago
  • The design is exclusive
  • Showcases the bespoke craftsmanship of that era
  • Speaks of various distinct materials and stones
Our exclusive antique bangles come with an exquisite pattern of royalty and elegance. The classic pieces of Mughal and later jewellery speak volumes about their crafts, intrinsic design, minute detailing and styling. The careful and intelligent combination of colours and stones makes them a prized possession of anyone’s collection.