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Chand Begum - Unique Antique Jewellery Collection

Chand begum antique jewellery contains impeccable and striking ornament pieces that belong to an era that was rich in craftsmanship and intrinsic detailing. Each of these beautifully designed pieces pair well, even today, with various cultures across the globe and imparts a classic royal look to the wearer. The pieces of vintage jewellery carry a unique tale in their designs and speak a great deal about the valour and talent of the artisans of those times. The detailing and patterns of each piece are mesmerizing and impeccable. Our antique jewellery collection inspired from Indian and Mughal period, are about beauty, grace and glamour.

Antique Jewellery Inspired by Indian & Mughal Period

Chand Begum is a known and trusted jewellery brand that offers pieces of antique Indian jewellery. Our unique pieces of vintage jewellery belong to the Mughal and Nizam period and carry the delicate artistry and quaint craftsmanship of the Mughal artisans. The antique jewellery designed by us is made of Indian intricacy and Islamic elegance. We are known to be one of the reliable antique Indian jewellery brands in the country, offering the highest standards of quality and authenticity in all our pieces. Our jewellery brand store is based in New Delhi is driven by trust, authenticity and uncompromised quality.

Recreate Traditional Charm with Vintage Jewellery Design Pieces

You can contact our team for all types of antique and vintage jewellery designs at Chand Begum. We recreate the traditional charm of the bygone era in our antique jewellery. Our traditional antique jewellery pieces bring in the richness and royalty of the Mughals and exhibit a royal touch and sentiment to them. The prominent pieces of jewellery offered by us are made up of yesteryear’s precious stones and gems. These antique jewellery pieces are very valuable in today’s time and are liked for their exquisite designs and styles. These collective pieces portray the classic life, art, architecture and crafts of that era.

Browse Unique Traditional Jewellery Designs at Chand Begum

Chand Begum’s antique jewellery design collection will walk you down memory lane and transport you into an era full of impressionable designs and rare jewels. Our pieces get finer with age, and there is no match for their beauty and ethnicity. From antique necklaces, antique earrings to antique bangles and necklaces, we bring you classic pieces that are marvellous and hard to get anywhere else. Though these are traditional pieces, they are so versatile in their appeal that they pair up very well with contemporary clothes and choices of today’s women.

Antique Jewellery - Unique Antiques You Can't Find Anywhere Else

We, at Chand Begum, deal with antique jewellery and jewelled objects that are unique and are rare. We are a leading jewellery brand in India, specialising in Mughal jades and jewellery from the personal collections of princely and noble families and private collectors. Our brand offers vintage Indian jewellery pieces with the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Our classic pieces of Mughal jewellery will add elegance and style to your existing collection. We are available by appointment for a consultation and private viewing.

Collector's Antique and Vintage Jewellery:

Old gold jewellery will be a striking addition to your classic jewellery collection. These pieces of jewellery are highly valued for their age, finish and unmatched designs. With great appeal and regal looks, these jewellery pieces are a perfect fit for every occasion and event. You can browse through the website of Chand Begum and get home the most exquisite and unique pieces of vintage gold jewellery and experience the joys of the rich Mughal heritage.

Contact us and get yourself the most elegant antique jewellery. They will be an ideal match for your bridal couture and will make you stand out for their classic pattern and royal elegance. Our pieces reflect bold yet feminine sentiments with utmost royalty and exclusivity.

Unique Antique Handmade Jewellery:

Various facts and figures state that jewellery in those times was made as a symbol of power and wealth. Thus, the patrons of royal families got many exquisite pieces designed to exhibit power and status. They instructed craftsmen to specially design pieces exclusively for their families, making each piece royal, elegant and unique. The Mughals brought in designs from central Asia, developing a blend of Hindu and Islamic styles.

Chand Begum brings to you exquisite and exclusive pieces of unique antique jewellery that were famously handcrafted by the talented artisans of those times and showcases art of detailing and classic patterns. Our vibrant and vivacious Mughal jewellery pieces are unique and consist of different styles, patterns, gemstones and jewels. The various patterns, motifs, and designs are traditional and are exquisite pieces of legacy and intrinsic designs.

Frequently asked Questions

In jewellery, vintage or antique describes a pre-owned piece of jewellery that was made between 50 and years ago. These pieces of jewellery were made in a certain bygone era, carrying the distinct style, intricacy and craftsmanship of that era.
There are a few ways of knowing to tell if the piece of jewellery is antique or not.
  • You must look for some distinguishing feature in the design
  • Check for their hallmarks
  • Figure out the jewellery style and manufacturing methods
  • Spot Popular Materials
These insights are very elaborative and need expert supervision and guidance. For authentic antique jewellery from the Mughal era, you can check the website of Chand Begum.
You can choose a trusted and reliable jeweller to buy your antique jewellery. Within their collection, check for craftsmanship, materials, jewellery styles, cut of the gems, hallmarks, etc. These are a few authentic ways of choosing the right piece of antique jewellery. Check our website for the best antique Mughal jewellery pieces.
Yes, definitely it is worth buying vintage jewellery as they are unique and showcase the elegant and rare craftsmanship of a bygone era. They are of outstanding value in today’s time and are highly desirable and collectable. These pieces are more refined and delicate than most of the pieces that are produced today.
You can check our website for our entire unique collection of jewellery. With great appeal and regal looks, these jewellery pieces are a perfect fit for every occasion and event. With our boutique jewellery outlet in Delhi, we offer jewellery pieces and jewels from the Mughal era, collections from the personal collection of princely and noble families and private collectors.