There is a saying that every bit of a bride's jewels is a lesson of life. The tikka pendant and string of pearls over the parting of hair lead you through a straight path of life. Earrings warn you against weak ears for idle conversation, just as anklets and toe rings help you put your right foot forward. Pearls on the nose ring never heavier than the nose to ensure your spending doesn't outweigh your income. And finally, a neck bowed by necklaces teaches one to remain humble, while bangles help you keep your hands stretched out for charity...

Jewels Antique Jewellery Collection At Chand Begum

Antique jewellery comes with the distinctive craftsmanship of the eras gone by and carries the aroma of a magnificent history. Made with intrinsic detailing and classic patterns, antique jewellery pieces come in various styles and prices. Each one is a perfect rendition of traditional and elegant designs of yesteryears and gels well with the contemporary choices of people today.

Antique gold jewellery is graceful and striking, it pairs well with various cultures across the globe and imparts a classic look to an individual. The exquisite detailing and precise designs of each piece are authentically mesmerizing and unmatched. They are all about beauty, elegance and glamour.

antique jewellery
antique jewellery

Trusted Chand Begum - Trusted Antique Jewellery Brand in India

Chand Begum is a trusted jewellery brand in India with a distinctive offering of unique antique jewellery from the Indian subcontinent . Our antique gold jewellery collection speaks about the quaint craftsmanship and delicate artistry of the Indian artisans. We are one of the reliable brands in the country, offering the highest standards of quality and authenticity.

The collection of antique jewellery at Chand Begum is exclusive and unique. The old yet rustic and beautiful finish makes this Kundan antique jewellery a must in your classic jewellery collection. Driven by trust, authenticity, and uncompromised quality in our products and services, we are here to embark on new industry standards.

Jewellery Different Kinds of Indian Antique Jewellery

In India, one can find a large influence of Mughal/Ilsamic designs and patterns in jewellery. The Mughal period contributed a lot to the rich, royal and exotic culture of India. Talking about Mughal jewellery, first thing that strikes the mind is its richness, beauty and elegance. Mughal jewellery includes a variety of ornaments of adornment, which includes antique gold necklace, rings, earrings, bangles, Chand Bali, forehead ornaments etc. These jewellery pieces are intrinsically designed with precious stones and gems and occupy a place of strong prominence. These antique jewellery pieces hold great importance in today’s time and are liked for their exquisite designs and styles. These collective influences reciprocate the life, art, architecture and crafts of that era.

indian jewellery

The Mughal emperors conquered most of India, and as a result, their influence also extended beyond North India. In the most natural manner, Mughal enamelling and stonework were adopted by Indian jewellery makers and can be seen as a strong point in jewellery from that time. Some of the finest goldsmiths of that era worked under the Mughal patronage and contributed a great deal in the making of delicate artistry. Some of the earliest Mughal jewellery shows the gradual influence of the 17th-century European style, Renaissance era, etc. They are a beautiful amalgamation of Islamic and Hindu artistic styles. These antique jewellery pieces include antique gold bangles, antique necklaces, and antique earrings. The talent and tradition of fine and artistic craftsmanship were largely responsible in shaping Mughal jewellery.

Chand Begum is a trusted jewellery brand in India that deals in antique jewellery and jewelled objects from the personal collections of princely and noble families and private collectors. We are leading specialists in jades and jewellery from the Mughal period. We are available by appointment for consultation and private viewings.

Special What is special about
Antique Indian Jewellery?

Antique Indian jewellery contains a great deal of history and personal sentiment. These jewellery pieces cherish the heirloom’s treasured story in the most intriguing manner. It’s like collecting stories and poems and sharing them with the world. Crafted with striking character, colour, designs, finish and exclusivity, the mere idea of owning these antique jewellery pieces is remarkable. The vibrant and vivacious Mughal jewellery is unique and consists of different styles, patterns, gemstones and jewels. The various patterns, motifs, and designs are traditional and are exquisite pieces of legacy and intrinsic designs.

Chand Begum is a trusted name when it comes to antique jewellery. All through these years, we have successfully built a name and reputation for ourselves that is synonymous with the finest and most exquisite pieces of jewellery. You can look out for antique gold designs, Kundan antique jewellery and gold pendants with us, each carrying the charm, royalty and elegance of the Mughals.

Collections Vintage Jewellery Collections

Whenever anyone speaks about purchasing vintage jewellery, they search for intrinsic detailing and unique craftmanship from the times that are long gone. Collectors and buyers’ eyes for old jewellery that fits well with today’s contemporary styles and tastes. Old gold jewellery is a striking addition that is highly valued for its age, finish and unmatched designs. You can explore the website of Chand Begum and bring home the most exquisite and unique pieces of old gold jewellery and experience the joys of the rich Mughal heritage.

We are a leading jewellery company in India that offers vintage Indian jewellery with the highest standards of quality and authenticity. Our classic pieces of Mughal jewellery will add elegance and style to your existing collection. Our vintage jewellery is definitely a treasure to be cherished for generations.

Mughal Mughal Jewellery

Mughal antique jewellery is famous for its vibrant colours and intrinsic enamelled work. The meticulously structured Mughal jewellery exemplifies skilled craftsmanship that was encouraged a lot through patronage during the time. Jewellery in those times was symbolic of power and wealth. Thus, many exquisite pieces were designed by the royal families in those times. They patronised craftsmen to make specially designed pieces for their families, making each piece exquisite and unique. The Mughals introduced designs from central Asia, developing a blend of Hindu and Islamic styles.

Our pieces reflect bold yet feminine sentiments with utmost royalty and elegance. Chand Begum’s magnificent antique gold jewellery pieces speak volumes about the quaint craftsmanship and delicate artistry of the Mughal artisans.

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Frequently asked Questions

Our jewellery store is located in Green Park, New Delhi. We are a boutique jewellery outlet in Delhi, offering antique jewellery pieces and jewels from the Mughal era; collections from the personal collection of princely and noble families and private collectors.
You can check our website for our rare Mughal jewellery collection. With great appeal and regal looks, these antique jewellery pieces are a perfect fit for every occasion and event. Within our boutique jewellery outlet in Delhi, we offer jewellery pieces and jewels from the bygone Mughal era; collections from the personal collection of princely and noble families and private collectors.
Yes, vintage jewellery is better than today’s modern pieces of jewellery as they carry bespoke designs, styles, craftsmanship, exclusivity and elegance of a bygone era. They represent the style and lifestyle of a time that is not known to us and connects us with the rich culture and history of our country.
You can visit our store or contact us at 91-11-26861884 or 91-11-26861164. You can send in your queries to us at as well.