Bring home an exquisite and unique piece of antique jewellery . Curated and presented by Chand Begum, explore the joys of the rich Mughal and Indian heritage. The Manga Malai Necklace is a wonderful rendition of royalty . The exquisite piece of antique jewellery is made up of mango shaped pendants, each carrying a Diamond in the middle and surrounded by Rubies. The striking antique necklace is created for the wearer to stand out. It is a perfect choice for the antique bridal jewellery trousseau.

Frequently asked Questions

A necklace that was crafted around 100 years age is known as a vintage or antique necklace. It carries a uniqueness in its design and making and speaks about the bespoke craftsmanship of that time.
A vintage necklace comprises certain unique features that distinguish it from rest of the modern pieces.
  • It is curated between 50 and 100 years ago
  • The design is exclusive
  • Showcases the bespoke craftsmanship of that era
  • Speaks of various distinct materials and stones
You need to get it checked with jewellery experts and professionals. They will have adequate knowledge, tools and equipment to determine the value and age of your antique necklace.
There are a few ways of knowing to tell if the piece of jewellery is antique or not.
  • You must look for some distinguishing feature in the design
  • Check for their hallmarks
  • Figure out the jewellery style and manufacturing methods
  • Spot Popular Materials
These insights are very elaborative and need expert supervision and guidance. For authentic antique jewellery from the Mughal era, you can check the website of Chand Begum.
You can choose a trusted and reliable jeweller to buy your antique necklace. Within their collection, check for craftsmanship, materials, jewellery styles, cut of the gems, hallmarks, etc. These are a few authentic ways of choosing the right piece of antique jewellery/necklace for yourself. Check our website for the best antique necklace.
Yes, as these pieces are distinct and limited, it is worth having them. It also connects you with the rich history and culture of our country, and you get to own a piece of jewellery that is made with bespoke craftsmanship from that era.