5 Elements Of Styling Antique Jewellery

August 27, 2021 admin

With a reflection of prestige and royalty, antique jewellery is well-known for its significance on special occasions. These priceless pieces of jewellery not only carry an interesting historical significance but also portray a rich heritage.

Antique jewellery is also unique by its design, as most of the alluring ornaments that persisted against the race of time are handmade. This ensures that every piece is unique from the other, which also highlights the skilful craftsmanship and the style trends of a historical era.

With that said, there are certain key elements to style antique jewellery and portray their significance at its best. You should know about these elements, especially if you're a bride having your big day ahead.

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  1. Emerald and Diamond Tikka

    Featuring suspended emerald beads paired with table cut diamond and a cabochon emerald, an emerald and diamond tikka expresses the traditional design trends perfectly. It offers a highly sophisticated and elegant look that's assured to be a conversation starter on any occasion. Combining it with an antique gold necklace will complement its historical importance even more and show your interest in the traditional culture and heritage.

  2. Manga Malai Necklace

    When it comes to antique jewellery, necklaces are the most elegant pieces for brides. With an intrinsic detailing of mango-shaped pendants with a diamond in the middle and rubies surrounding it, the Manga Malai Necklace is a heritage of pride. Its exceptionally wonderful design shows the expert craftsmanship of this antique necklace.

  3. Chand Bali

    Reflecting the allure and prestige of Lucknow, the Chand Bali's are finely detailed antique pieces of jewellery shaped like crescent moons with diamonds embedded in them. They fit perfectly well with antique jewellery necklaces and have a very lustrous shine that shows the quality of ornaments in the past era.

  4. Hinged Bangles

    The best thing about antique jewellery is that they're timeless in regards to style and don't have to rely on trends to be preferred by consumers. They're exceptionally popular because they connect you with age-old traditions that make you a part of its heritage. Hinged bangles with diamonds embedded in them are a great example of the fine attention to detail and design brilliance of the old era.

  5. Makarakanti

    Makarakanti is a South Indian antique bridal necklace that comprises a highly valuable vintage gold set with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds. It's a reflection of the prestige and royalty of traditional South Indian families and their luxurious choices of ornaments. The heavy detailing and uniqueness of the design aren't something you see in usual pieces of jewellery.