Timeless Designs of Antique Indian Jewellery

August 27, 2021 admin

Antique Indian jewellery has an inimitable aura in them. Inspired by the rich ethnic background of the Indians, this exquisite set of jewellery can celebrate any occasion and is indispensable for all sorts of formal and social gatherings.

Combine them with your outfit to make a perfect blend. Antique jewellery has something that no modern and artificial jewellery can match. The antique pieces have a special flavour to them, and they seem real as they are so old and worn out with time.

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With that said, let's take a look at some of the most timeless designs of antique Indian jewellery:

  1. Pachchikam Jewellery with Uncut Glass and Precious Stones

    Believe in opulence and shine like a real star wearing these stunning Pachchikam Jewellery Sets crafted from uncut precious stones and glass, exquisitely designed as elegant party wear jewellery collections. The Pachchikam collection of handmade jewellery is meant to bring a sparkle to your day and a spring to your step.

  2. Persian Art-Inspired Meenakari Jewellery

    Lightweight, comfortable, non-tarnish, skin-friendly, nature-inspired prints are the major USP of Meenakari Jewellery. Since Jewellery is worn every day and every occasion of a woman's life, it is important to have jewellery that can be worn in marriage functions, parties, and social gatherings with equal grace and style. The designs in the collection are mostly lac-based, but jewellery makers have adapted themselves to use new materials for making antique earring designs and embellishments for women's apparel.

  3. Kundan Jewellery with Highly Refined Molten Gold

    Kundan Jewellery is made of freshly poured molten gold applied in such a way that the surface of Kundan jewellery gives a perfect picture of the intricate work done by the artist. The word "Kundan" means very well refined and polished. This craft involves various labour-intensive processes like carving work, applying powdered lumps of metals, etc. These days, Kundan Jewellery has become extremely popular among women in India with its range of antique Kundan earrings.

  4. The Navratan Kundan Polki Earrings

    The Navratan Kundan Polki antique Earrings are striking in their design, with intricate detail and inspiring a glamorous look at the same time. Inspired by an ancient Rajasthani art form, the earrings are a stunning way to complete any ensemble. These Navratan Kundan Polki Earrings are perfect Ethnic wear that complements any outfit. Made from the highest quality of material, these stud earrings will last longer with regular use.

  5. Pink Gold Kundan Choker

    Brilliant in its simplicity, this choker is both comfortable and elegant. Adorned with rare pink gold, a cluster of sparkling stones at the center, this piece is one you'll cherish forever and pass down to your daughters. Flat diamonds accentuate the collarbone area, adding a pop of sparkle to your everyday look.