All You Need To Know About Unique Basra Pearls

August 23, 2021 admin

It takes a lot to stand out amidst diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies. Pearls manage to do just this - to stand out and grab attention. Pearls are the most enigmatic of all the precious gems. Perhaps, it's because of the way they are formed. Pearls are formed when an irritant makes its way into clams and oysters. This fascinating creation process is only surpassed by the pearls' beauty.

Pearls have often been compared to the moon, and with good reason. Catching the popular imagination with its round, smooth texture and white hue, pearls do appear like miniature moons dangling from ornaments.

Historical. Beautiful. Priceless.

While pearls, in general, have been coveted by people across millennia, nothing can compare to the popularity of Basra pearls. These pearls trace their origin to the Persian Gulf in the Middle East. In fact, contrary to popular belief, Basra pearls were traded in Basra, a city in Iraq, as opposed to being found there. Basra was a popular trade hub and added to the popularity of the pearls.

So what makes Basra pearls priceless? Basra pearls are bigger than their other counterparts. These yellow-tinged pearls are more lustrous, more finely shaped and have higher longevity. These reasons are what make Basra pearls invaluable. One can never have a standardised price for Basra pearls since their value is determined based on unique characteristics. For instance, round Basra pearls are considered priceless - because they are extremely rare. Basra pearls in general have become very rare because of a decline in marine population due to the region's oiling activities. The pearls that do exist as family heirlooms, royal ornaments and designer jewels are cherished treasures.

Basra Pearls were brought to India via trade routes. They were made popular and used widely by the Nizams of Hyderabad. The Nizams commissioned pearl necklaces and other pearl ornaments to be made. These are, to this day, considered works of art for their design and of course, for the inclusion of Basra pearls.

Ornaments That Make You Shine

Today pearls have become a symbol of sophistication, style and class. From chic pearl-drop earrings to antique pendant sets, pearls remain a marker of prestige and pride. Women today are not afraid to style pearls with Western and Indo-Western outfits. Pearls can stand out even with their minimalist quality. So they are becoming a popular alternative to chunky or heavy jewellery.

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The Classic Elegance Of Mughal Emeralds: A Treasure As Old As Time

Jewellery is not just an accessory. It is a legacy, an heirloom that is often cherished and is passed down to generations. There is history embedded in these treasures, making them invaluable. This holds for emeralds more than any other precious gemstone. Emeralds have been coveted and adorned by civilisations - from the ancient Egyptians to the Aztecs. Each culture chiselled its unique trace and history on these green wonders.

This legacy was redefined and etched in history with the Mughals. The Mughal era was known for its regal splendour. Spellbinding pieces of jewellery were created and worn by the Mughal rulers. All these were embedded with emeralds. Being some of the largest gemstones in existence, emeralds stood out in their mesmerising glory.

The Infinite Allure of Emeralds

An era has come and gone since the time of aristocracy. Yet, the charm and allure of emeralds have stood the test of time. Women from all walks of life continue to be drawn to this gemstone. Its richness, texture and gleam are nothing less than hypnotic. Today, women flaunt emeralds in different styles and designs. Jewellery designers and studios are also working towards merging the old-world charm of emeralds with modern sensibilities.

From cocktail parties, anniversaries, birthdays to weddings - there are emerald accessories to grace every occasion. Emeralds are truly timeless and blend beautifully with indo-western outfits. Emeralds are also versatile and look beautiful when embedded in metals such as gold and silver. In such pieces, emeralds are complemented with the use of rubies, sapphires and diamonds. So, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to picking an emerald for your next event.

Chand Begum - An Orchestra of Royal Splendour & Modern Sensibilities

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