The Elegance Embedded In Antique Kundan Jewellery

September 21, 2021 admin

The tradition of decorating oneself with vivid types of ornamentation has a long history in India. One of the oldest references of Indian jewellery dates back to 1500 BC during the Indus Valley Civilisation. Even today, the love and warmth jewellery receives is striking. For some, jewellery provides an opportunity to express creativity and self-expression artistically. For others, it typifies wealth, status and power. Many people continue to wear uniquely-designed jewellery because these are closely connected to their traditions and cultures. The beautiful pieces of art also have spiritual meanings.

Many cultures and traditions have their respective influences on our jewellery designs. Over time, these designs continue to receive facelifts and are customised to address the timely preferences. However, many traditional Indian jewellery pieces still have their essence unchanged, and notably, they are revered worldwide due to their exclusivity, spectacular craftsmanship and intricacies. One such piece of jewellery that originated way back in the country but is still winning people's hearts the world over is the mighty Kundan jewellery.

If you love exploring the beauty of Indian jewellery or buying one is on your shopping list, Kundan is a jewellery type that may attract your attention first. What is Kundan jewellery? What makes antique royal bridal Kundan jewellery such stunning pieces of artwork? Their uses and features? We have tried to answer these questions in this article. Read on!

Introduction and meaning of Kundan jewellery

Indian jewellery no more needs an introduction in the domestic and global market and is known for its intrinsic detailing and exquisite craftsmanship. Many people have a keen eye for unique jewellery pieces and travel places searching for exquisite pieces. Today, we will specifically talk about a magnificent piece of jewellery that is appreciated worldwide, that is, antique Kundan jewellery, an epitome of Mughal craftsmanship.

The literal meaning of the word Kundan is highly refined gold. And Kundan jewellery uses highly refined pure gold to craft various jewellery pieces. It is typical jewellery made with precious Indian stones, coloured glass, sparkly gems, and/or gold leaf edged between the stones and their holder. Kundan jewellery was first produced during the Mughal Imperial Dynasty. The traditional Kundan jewellery includes Kundan necklaces, antique Kundan earrings, Kundan bracelets, Kundan rings, etc.

In ancient India, Kings and people of high ranks wore finely crafted jewellery made of Kundan stones and used these designs on their royal attires, taking this artwork to new areas of artistic expression. Because of the striking design and exclusivity, these jewellery were popularly used in the royal courts of the Mughal era. They also gained prominence in Rajasthan and Gujarat. While this jewellery was originally made on gold, the use of silver was introduced later, allowing the ordinary person to own it. Today, Kundan jewellery and its unique designs, such as antique Kundan necklaces, are famous worldwide.

The multi-purpose jewellery for every occasion

Antique Kundan jewellery and antique royal bridal Kundan jewellery brings along an enriching and glorifying lineage and precise handwork and design. This is famously used as bridal jewellery, creating an elegant and classic vision for authentic vintage Kundan jewellery.

Other than the bride, people attending the marriage can also choose to beautify their look using wide-ranging Kundan jewellery designs. These jewellery pieces can be available in lightweight forms, allowing anyone to use them for daily wear. Bollywood actors can be seen wearing beautiful pieces of Kundan jewellery in movies and beyond.

Elegant features embedded in antique Kundan Jewellery and available in Kundan jewellery designs.

Priceless Legacy: Since the Mughal era, Kundan has been a prized and sought-after jewellery technique. It is one of the oldest in India and was embraced by royalties for its style and uniqueness. Every stone set in Kundan speaks about the tradition, royalty and richness present in those times and is a great piece to cherish in these times.

Versatility: Antique Kundan jewellery speaks about its numerous varieties and the versatility it carries. These are versatile pieces of jewellery that fit various occasions and attires with ease. They are a perfect match to the modern contemporary choices, as well as to the traditional ones.

Timeless: Antique Kundan jewels and jewellery are timeless pieces with classic designs and detailing. They are a homage to all the artisans from those times. These jewellery pieces never go out of style and suffice the various fashion requirements of today's contemporary choices. Inspired by a rich ethnic background, the exquisite antique Kundan jewellery celebrates every occasion and is indispensable for all sorts of formal and social gatherings.

The Magnificent Making: Antique Kundan jewellery is famous for its unique designs, precise patterns and intrinsic detailing. The art of Kundan making reflects the intriguing history and craftsmanship of those times. These pieces connect us to the passion that used to go behind in making these pieces and inspire us to appreciate that time's artisans.

The wide-ranging Kundan jewellery and Kundan jewellery designs

These jewellery have their wide-spread uses in weddings. In the original form, this jewellery was available as a complete set with matching antique Kundan necklace, bangles, bracelets, antique Kundan earrings etc. Today, one may find them both as a set and individually. For example, you can order a complete set for an upcoming wedding or choose to buy a specific Kundan product such as Kundan pendants or an antique Kundan necklace to support your existing jewellery.

Browse through a range of uniquely-crafted antique Kundan jewellery

Kundan jewellery and Kundan jewellery designs are versatile, and there are so many reasons to own an antique Kundan jewellery - be it for the intrinsic detailing behind preparing each piece, tying yourself to its incredible regal past or wearing an extraordinary artwork of timeless fashion.

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