A Guide To Buying Indian Antique Jewellery

Feb 21, 2022 admin

One of the central focuses of modern jewellery is production. The more, the better. In this race, they seemingly become part of passing trends that will come and go. On the other hand, antique jewellery is one-of-its-kind with influence from history, often carrying a beautiful and unique story.

Whatever your reason is to choose antique jewellery - be it the intrinsic detailing that goes behind every piece, tying yourself to its incredible past or owning a piece of timeless fashion, you will find one suiting your needs.

Thankfully, gathering an exciting collection of antique and vintage jewellery is not just a hobby for the haves because the sophisticated collections and their unique price tag make them unique and exquisite. Read on as we delve into the immense opportunities with these beautiful works of art and how to buy one efficiently.

The yearning to explore the bygone era

It is a human tendency to get fascinated by objects and stories belonging to a bygone era. Vintage cars, first-written recipes, historically-designed music instruments, oldest recorded melody, ancient coins - the craze for original work has been passed down from one generation to another and is justifiably considered precious and extraordinary.


Why invest in antique jewellery?

Ancient and unique jewellery is another area that continues to evoke interest among us, and for good reasons. After all, it feels special to learn and own a piece of history crafted with so many thoughts and attention.

They are not available in bulk but only exist in minimal editions. Some of them may not be recreated at all. So, buying antique jewellery differentiates you as the proud owner of a unique piece that symbolises remarkably skilled craftsmanship.

They position you as a chosen person with a rich taste for traditions and artistry. Because the designs were made by talented craftsmen, who invested time, effort and patience in creating a classic piece, they withstand time - remaining intact one era after another with no signs of compromise on the quality.

Indian antique jewellery

In India, the history of jewellery dates back to thousands of years, with beaded jewellery traced back to 1500 BC during the Indus Valley Civilization. The Mughal era also contributed to the jewellery industry immensely. Emperors, empresses, courtiers, and people of high ranks regularly wore heavy jewellery dotted with golds, pearls and precious stones, symbolising richness, beauty and elegance.


Notable gemstones used in Mughal jewellery include diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphire, topaz, jade, turquoise, to name a few. Intricate stonework and elaborate enamelling were the hallmarks of the Mughal jewellery that infused Indian and Middle Eastern elegance.

Buying antique Indian jewellery

Many first-time jewellery buyers can get confused about the available options. In the lack of previous purchasing experience, they may get scammed by random jewellers, or they might end up overpaying for jewellery.

Thus, the first step is to determine the worth of the jeweller or jewellery brand. Ask genuinely essential questions like “How long have they been in business?” “What is the quality of their collection?” “How unique and precious are the designs?” “What makes their products so valuable?” A reputed jeweller will efficiently communicate all the aspects of your chosen product, including carat, clarity, colour and cut of the stone, practical reasons supporting its cost, etc.

Another sign of a reputed and trusted jeweller is the rarity of its products. For example, at Chand Begum, you can find antique necklaces, antique earrings, antique bangles and necklaces, and more that are marvellous and hard to get anywhere else.

If you have friends and family members with the previous antique jewellery buying experience, you can seek their recommendation. Alternatively, you can use the Internet to find your nearest Indian antique jewellery sellers using location-specific search phrases like “antique royal Indian jewellery sellers near me.”

Make sure to check the product's authenticity, more so if you are investing in precious metals or gemstones. Ask for authentication proofs and certificates if needed. Check the jewellery condition and avoid buying those with blemishes and marks since these can affect their wearability and uniqueness. Go for the designs geared towards your taste, style and personality. Finally, it is a good idea to compare, choose and buy from the available options to narrow down the ones within your budget.

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