How To Be a Vintage Bride With Antique Bridal Indian Jewellery

Feb 21, 2022 admin

India rightfully holds an extraordinary place in the space of bridal jewellery in the world. It's incredible to note that many states in our country proclaim their distinctive taste, culture and tradition, and their wedding jewellery carries those messages visually.

The opportunities are nearly infinite when it comes to excellent bridal jewellery designs in India. Every piece is intrinsically prepared, investing judicious time, effort and patience. And they stand confidently on all the principles of good jewellery design - balance, proportion, harmony, contrast, unity, movement and emphasis.

In bridal jewellery design, one area garnering attention is antique and vintage jewellery. Many brides are admiring the exclusivity of this rare jewellery for its intrinsic detailing, association with an incredible past or because they are undying forms of timeless fashion. Unlike modern jewellery, antique jewellery is mostly handcrafted, symbolising richness, beauty and elegance. They are rare, allowing the user to feel exclusive. To put it in short, the exceedingly well-crafted and authentic jewellery indeed adds to the beauty and look of a bride.

While vintage and antique bridal jewellery choices are wide-ranging, here are a few recommendations to spice up the bridal look.

Bazuband -

A beautifully-crafted bazuband can be an incredible addition to a bridal set. Worn on the upper side of an arm, they are an ancient form of Indian jewellery and are still popularly worn during important life events, including weddings. They can be found in unique variations with impressive vintage design choices. Find more information related to Bazuband.


Mang Tikka -

These beautiful pieces of jewellery gracefully stay on the centre of the forehead. They are essentially a chain with a pendant to the front and a hook to the other end, worn by brides during their weddings and also by women of all ages. A vintage mang tikka can be extraordinarily designed, handcrafted to give a superior and exclusive appeal. Click here to see a design in action.

Manga Malai necklace -

In India, the history of jewellery dates back to thousands of years, with beaded jewellery traced back to 1500 BC during the Indus Valley Civilization. The Mughal era also contributed to the jewellery industry immensely. Emperors, empresses, courtiers, and people of high ranks regularly wore heavy jewellery dotted with golds, pearls and precious stones, symbolising richness, beauty and elegance.

Notable gemstones used in Mughal jewellery include diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphire, topaz, jade, turquoise, to name a few. Intricate stonework and elaborate enamelling were the hallmarks of the Mughal jewellery that infused Indian and Middle Eastern elegance.


Buying antique Indian jewellery

Accessorise your bridal look with vintage Manga Malai or the mango necklace, as the design of this jewellery resembles the shape of a mango. They can be intricate and unique, reflecting rich taste and enhancing the wearer's overall look.

Chandbali -

Vintage chandbalis earrings can be a stunning addition to the overall wedding look. Perfected with colourful crystals and micro-pearls, they are an elegant complement to your ears. Chand Begum brings to you a divine set of Chand Balis, a mesmerising antique Kundan earring . The classic and rare Chand Balis set from Lucknow will be a significant addition to your classic jewellery collection.

Enrich your bridal look with antique bridal jewellery

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