All You Wanted to Know About Indian Antique Bridal Jewellery Designs

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Indian weddings and exquisite jewellery pieces have shared a extremely close relationship for years. What connects them so heartily, which design choices take the bridal appearance to the next level and where to find an extraordinary range of bridal jewellery collections? We've answered all of these in this article. Read on!

Indian Antique Bridal Jewellery Designs

indian antique bridal

Think about weddings, and India deserves a special mention. These once-in-a-lifetime events are planned, organised, and celebrated in the country with unbounded enthusiasm. Put another way - Indian weddings create incredible experiences with their distinct charm, elegance and sophistication. It's incredible to note that every state in our country has a rich history, culture and tradition and their weddings are occasions that carry those messages spectacularly. Many extraordinary things and images should capture one's imagination when discussing grand Indian weddings.

One of them is bridal jewellery. Bridal jewellery can be of various types, representing varying inspirations, messages, cultures, and traditions. For example, antique Indian bridal jewellery is inspired by ancient culture and is known for its timeless elegance and unique look. In other words, Antique wedding jewellery from India is an undying form of timeless fashion, giving brides a unique and prized appearance on their wedding day.

Chand Begum - Unique And Antique Wedding Jewellery Collection

Unique And Antique Wedding

Draped in sparkling jewellery and gorgeous gemstones, every bride wants to be in her best looks on the wedding day. Thankfully, so many unique jewellery choices reflect superb craftsmanship and traditional heritage. For example, at Chand Begum, we have a classic jewellery collection, many of which are perfectly positioned to suit the unique design priorities and preferences of a bride. These pieces of jewellery are highly valued for their age, finish and unmatched designs.

And they stand gracefully on all the principles of high-quality jewellery design - balance, proportion, harmony, contrast, unity, movement and emphasis. Every piece of antique bridal jewellery is artistically prepared, investing judicious time, effort, and patience. They visually represent a bygone era, allowing a bride to wear an extraordinary look on the big day. Learn more about antique wedding jewellery below.

Antique Royal Bridal Jewellery Inspired by Indian & Mughal Period

Unique And Antique Wedding

Indian jewellery has a long and prestigious history, dating back to thousands of years now. One of their oldest references traces back to 1500 BC during the Indus Valley Civilization. Many cultures and traditions have their respective influences on the country's bridal jewellery designs. The Mughals, for example, heavily contributed in this area. The Mughal emperors, empresses, courtiers, and people of high ranks loved to adorn themselves with various types of gorgeous pieces of jewellery with heavy stonework and elaborate enamelling, symbolising richness, beauty and elegance.

Some of the prominent gemstones used in Mughal jewellery designs included diamonds, pearls, rubies, sapphire, topaz, jade, turquoise etc. They blended the rich Indian design intricacies with Middle Eastern elegance. Many antique bridal pieces of jewellery see their influences from the Mughal era and attract attention for being so detailed, creative, colourful and exclusive.

Recreate Traditional Charm with Antique Bridal Wedding Jewellery Design Pieces

Recreate Traditional Charm

Antique wedding jewellery has its charm and distinctive appeal. There are so many reasons to choose them on the big day - be it for the intrinsic detailing behind preparing each piece, tying yourself to its incredible regal past or wearing an extraordinary artwork of timeless fashion. Vintage and antique jewellery for weddings can be of various types. We have listed just a few of them below -

  • Bazuband
  • Maang Tikka
  • Antique royal Kundan bridal jewellery
  • Manga Malai necklace
  • Chandbali

Each of these bridal jewellery pieces is unique in its design elegance, style and perfection. For example, Bazuband (Worn on the upper side of an arm) can be a great addition to a bridal set. This ancient form of Indian jewellery is still very popularly worn during important life events, including weddings. Maang Tikka (stays on the centre of the forehead) is a chain with a pendant to the front and a hook to the other end. Vintage Chandbalis earrings can also be a great addition to the overall wedding look. Equipped with colourful and gorgeous crystals and micro-pearls, they are an elegant complement to your ears.

The qualities of great wedding jewellery are determined by its look, elegance, appeal, perfection, creativity and intricacies. An antique bridal jewellery that is handcrafted by talented artisans showcasing extraordinary details should accommodate all these qualities.

At Chand Begum, we recreate the traditional charm of the bygone era in our antique jewellery designs. Our collection of jewellery brings in the richness and royalty of the Mughals and exhibits a royal touch and sentiment to them.

Browse Unique Traditional Bridal Indian Jewellery Designs at Chand Begum

Recreate Traditional Charm

We have wide-ranging design choices if extraordinarily designed, and elegant antique bridal jewellery is what you are looking for. Chand Begum has an exquisite and exclusive range of unique antique jewellery that was famously handcrafted by the talented artisans of ancient times. They showcase the art of detailing and classic patterns. Our high-quality and gorgeous Mughal jewellery pieces portfolio are distinct, representing different styles, patterns, gemstones, and jewels.The various patterns, motifs, and designs are traditional, rare, and exquisite pieces of legacy.

The unique and traditional bridal Indian jewellery designs at Chand Begum are highly valued for their age, quality, perfection, finish and unmatched designs. These jewellery pieces are a perfect fit for every occasion and event, including weddings with regal looks.

Antique Bridal Temple Jewellery and more - Unique Antiques You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Antique Bridal Temple

Rare wedding jewellery dotted with exquisite stones, a perfect piece of pearl dotted earring, multi-coloured ethnic Kundan, gracefully designed Jhumkas, enamelled bangles, diamond-studded necklace, or a Navratna wedding jewellery sets etc. There are many things to choose from when opting for antique jewellery inspired by Mughal and ancient times. The rare and antique jewellery pieces from Chand Begum are valuable in today's time. They are appreciated for their excellent and distinct designs and styles that represent the old era's classic life, art, architecture, and crafts.

To learn more about bridal Indian jewellery, Indian bridal jewellery designs, antique south Indian bridal jewellery, antique bridal temple jewellery, traditional bridal jewellery and more, please browse through the excellent collection available with Chand Begum.

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Enrich your bridal look with antique bridal jewellery

Frequently asked Questions

The term 'antique bridal jewellery' refers to pieces of ancient jewellery a bride wears on the wedding day. Antique jewellery is one-of-its-kind, often carrying a rich legacy and unique story.
Royal bridal wedding jewellery is an extraordinary piece of jewellery design with detailed craftsmanship. They reflect a regal association with a distinctive charm, power, success and exuberance.
Research the market before making a purchasing decision. Trust an established source with a credible track record. Find out the history and story associated with the jewellery. Most importantly, ask relevant questions to determine if it is worth it—more about finding antique royal Kundan bridal jewellery and other jewellery types in the following answers.
Traditional bridal jewellery and Indian bridal jewellery designs should usually be inspired by a traditional design. It should reflect the taste of its time. A good jewellery design includes proper balance, proportion, harmony, contrast, unity, movement and emphasis. For more information and clarity, please seek an expert's help.
Ask relevant questions before opting for bridal antique wedding jewellery designs. Some of these could be "How long has the entity from which you want to buy been in business?" "What is the quality of their collection?" "How unique and precious are the designs?" "What makes their products so valuable?" A professional should communicate everything about the jewellery clearly, including carat, clarity, colour and cut of the stone, practical reasons supporting its cost, etc. As mentioned above, choose an established source with a good track record.
Bridal wedding jewellery such as antique south Indian bridal jewellery is widely popular for its unique look, design elegance and styling options, making them a great buy for the big day!
Antique Indian bridal jewellery collections can be wide-ranging. For example, Chand Begum's design collection will transport you into an era full of impressionable designs and rare jewels. Please visit this website for more information on Indian bridal jewellery designs.